Turn your children into the genius of abstraction. All creation is possible when you have... a high level of quality sugar!

Allows children to know the freedom to choose the colors and flavors that inspire and excite: red strawberry, orange orange, mango yellow, green mint, blue blackberries, chocolate brown...

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At Candynsky, the Beauty of our Taste is in Simplicity

Do you know something simpler and tastier like sweet childhood memories? At Candynsky we boast common finger-licking cravings killers: classics candies, lollipops, Jelly Belly or wedges delight...

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Where Can you Buy Candynsky Treats?

Our Candy and Chocolate Shop is Located in Florida, Broward, Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Lake Mall, at The Food Court.

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Candynsky Flavors don't have to Appeal to everyone. Not Everyone has Good Taste.

Allow yourself to check out the delicious of Candynsky colors. Then tell us if you can resist the content and shape of our sugary or not sugary goodies: chocolate gifts & candy toy surprises for all occasions.

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